GG Dance Eger is one of Hungary’s most dynamically growing dance workshops that regularly works with both domestic and foreign dancers.

The group was formed in 2011 by Tamás Topolánszky at the request of Balázs Blaskó, the new manager of the Gárdonyi Géza Theatre.

  • The current members of the dance group: Fanni Czvikli, Attila Emődi, Sára Fodor, Janka Forczek, Laura Novák, Gioele del Santo, Martina Tizzi, Márk Plita, Ádám Bordás Szalai.
  • Art secretary: Alexandra Kiss
  • Assistant: Emődi Attila

During a single season in Eger, GG Dance Eger performs 100-150 times. In addition, they are regular guest performers in Budapest, the countryside as well as abroad.

The GG Dance Eger group has received numerous national and professional awards. The increasingly high quality and hard work of the last ten years was recognised through an Eger Star award in 2019.


This year


Beethoven V.

During the first notes of Beethoven’s V. symphony, you can hear the hammer blows of fate.


Referred to as the most erotic piece of music in history, this musical piece was created accidentally.

Nutcracker – Family Circus

Is there anyone who is not familiar with Tchaikovsky’s wonderful music where dreams and reality intertwine to create a timeless journey to transport listeners to a boundless place?



In the 2020/2021 season GG Dance Eger will perform the story of the young empress born under a lucky star.



Tamás Topolánszky

head of the dance department
3300 Eger, Törvényház út 15., Hungary

Alexandra Kiss

art assistant