The first Studio-Theatre Dance Festival of Eger was held in 2012 with the goal of ensuring it becomes a tradition and to offer the residents of Eger and the north-eastern region of Hungary a wide range of dance productions.

Since then, dance has been at the forefront for the last week of September at the Gárdonyi Géza Theatre during every season.

Ever since our first event, famous ensembles such as the Bozsik Yvette Ensemble or the Frenák Pál Ensemble have accepted our invitation. Since them, several such artists regularly return to our festival.

The Studio-Theatre Dance Festival of Eger has found enthusiastic supporters and now stands on firm ground. We thank the support of the Gárdonyi Géza Theatre, the city of Eger, the Directorate of the National Cultural Fund of Hungary, the Ministry of Human Resources, the St. Andrea winehouse, Europa Guesthouse, Saint Christopher’s Guesthouse and Eisberg Hungary Ltd.

  • Central European Dance Theatre 
  • Pécs Ballet 
  • Clebio Oliveira (Brazil, Germany) 
  • Grecsó Zoltán Ensemble 
  • Kulcsár Noémi Tellabor 
  • Hungarian State Folk Ensemble 
  • Hungarian National Dance Ensemble 
  • Students of the Hungarian Dance Academy
  • Miskolc Ballet 
  • InverseDance-Fodor Zoltán’s Ensemble 
  • Soloists from the Hungarian National Ballet 
  • Budapest Dance Theatre 
  • TranzDanz 
  • Duna Dance workshop 
  • PR-Evolution 
  • Tünet Ensemble 
  • Góbi Rita Ensemble
  • Young Hearts from Bratislava 
  • Duda Éva Ensemble 
  • Feledi Project 
  • Pori Dance Company (ensemble from Eger’s finish twin city) 
  • Székesfehérvár Ballet Theatre 
  • Vörösmarty Theatre Dance department 
  • Sopron Ballet 
  • Tünde Rémi and János Appelshoffer