romantic ballet

In the 2020/2021 season GG Dance Eger will perform the story of the young empress born under a lucky star.

It is difficult to find a legendary figure in our tumultuous historical past such as Empress Elisabeth Wittelsbach, the most beautiful woman amongst the European royal courts who was – despite her Bavarian origins – still considered to be a Hungarian by the Hungarians and was adored and loved.

The queen of the Hungarians nicknamed Sisi, struggles in the confines of Habsburg Monarchy’s rigid etiquette: Her husband must deal with the increasingly severe problems of the Monarchy and has no time for her, her mother-in-law’s tyranny plagues her everyday life, she can’t raise her own children and cannot take part in her favourite pastimes. She feels at home in Italy and Hungary, learns to speak Hungarian perfectly, maintains a close relationship with Hungarian noblemen, most notably the Andrássy family and Ferenc Deák. According to several historians “Elisabeth used her female charms to pressure the emperor to prepare the compromise with the Hungarians”.

Following the romantic novels and films about Sisi’s life, GG Dance Eger will bring the life of the young empress born under a lucky star to the stage, a life in which she was really happy at first, longed for freedom but felt as is if she was in shackles, burdened with troubles which ended tragically on the shores of Lake Geneva.


Sisi, Elisabeth Wittelsbach, empress of Hungary Janka Forczek
Emperor Franz JosephAttila Emődi
Princes Sophie of Bavaria, mother of Franz Joseph, Dark ShadowFanni Czvikli
Gyula Andrássy Hungarian CountÁdám Szalai-Bordás
Ilona, Sisi’s older sisterSára Fodor / Virág Rovó
Sophie, Sisi’s rebellious younger sisterLaura  Novák / Reetta Riikonen
Rudolf, Sisi’s third childMárk Plita
Maria Von Vetsera, Rudolf’s love Martina Tizzi
Assassin (Luigi Luchen) Gioele Del Santo

In participation with the Accord Quartet.


Choreography, directorTamás Topolánszky, Harangozó-award winner, Excellent Artist
DramaturgeIstván Pinczés, Jászai-award winner
ComposerPéter Zombola, Erkel Ferenc-award winner
Costume DesignerJanó Papp
Set designerJános Mira
Scenic designImre Engler/Zsolt Fodor
Lighting designSándor Oláh
SupervisorRéka Ujhelyi
Choreography assistantAttila Emődi
Assistant directorAlexandra Kiss

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